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Psychology for coaches

A practical 5 day programme which covers the core areas of psychology and how they can be applied in coaching conversations

This programme is approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).



30th October 2023 - 4th December 2023


5 day programme (10 half days 9am - 12.30pm)


Zoom - online


Full price - £1497

Early bird price £1197


This course has been approved by the BPS through its CPD approval scheme have been assessed against the five standards underpinning the scheme, and they are approved solely on this basis. It has not been assessed as suitable or otherwise for contributing towards alignment with the level 8 standards in coaching psychology or preparation for an application for Chartered Membership of the BPS.


Should a delegate undertake this course and then later use their learning towards demonstration of the level 8 standards in coaching psychology, this will be independently assessed through the Society’s own process.


Coaches who have an interest in coaching psychology and how to translate behavioural science in to coaching practice or those wishing to apply for Chartered Membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS) through the professional recognition in coaching psychology route.  This will help applicants to prepare for Standard 2 of the Standards for Chartership in Coaching Psychology.  


We will cover the core areas of psychology, plus a couple of extra areas that are particularly relevant to coaching.  These are:

  • Cognitive psychology:  including how our clients perceive the world in terms of their own reality, and the limitations in processing information that influences decisions and action

  • Social psychology: including how our clients make sense of themselves and those around them and how that shapes expectations and relationships

  • Biological psychology: including neuroplasticity, how key areas of the brain, hormones and neurotransmitters work and influence our emotions, cognitions and behaviours

  • Developmental psychology: including how adults develop new ways of making sense of the world, and growth v fixed mindsets

  • Differential psychology: including personality theories and the use of psychometrics in coaching

  • Behaviour change: including understanding why change can be hard, and exploring theories that explain how change happens

  • Group dynamics: including the factors that make a difference to the success of a team

  • Mind/body connection:  including how physical wellness impacts on our mental functioning, and vice versa

In this programme we will ....

Psychology for coaches

Live interactive sessions

Learn about 8 core areas of psychology and how they apply to your own coaching practice

Integration workshops

Learn to embody psychology within your practice through group discussions, examples, and practice.  Receive feedback and support as you embrace this evidence based practice

Downloadable coaching tools

Get access to a number of carefully selected coaching tools to help you to integrate your learning in to your practice

Recordings of sessions

Sessions will be recorded (subject to confidentiality) so that you can revisit any of the sessions at your leisure

Ongoing student support community

Access to student support with the tutor so that all of your questions can be answered, and to a peer community for ongoing learning and development


BPS approved CPD

Be confident that the programme has reached the standards of the British Psychological Society for approval as continuing professional development

Bonus 1: Catch up session

If you can't make all of the sessions, we'll offer you a half day catch up to support you in your integration and application of knowledge in to practice

Bonus 2: Feedback on case study for Standard 2

If you're undertaking this programme to help you to demonstrate Standard 2 of the BPS Standards for Chartered Coaching Psychology, you will receive feedback on one draft of a case study.  This will give you an insight in to how well you have demonstrated integration of psychology in to your coaching practice.

We think our course is great.  But don't take our word for it.....

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