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Collaboration and growth: the benefits of group supervision in coaching

Group supervision in coaching is a valuable tool for coaches to reflect on their practice, gain new insights, and continue to develop their skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

One of the main benefits of group supervision is the collective wisdom and experience of the group. In a group setting, coaches can learn from one another and gain valuable insights that they may not have been able to discover on their own. Additionally, group supervision can foster a sense of community and support among coaches, which can be especially important for those working independently.

Another benefit of group supervision is the opportunity to observe and learn from different coaching styles, techniques, and approaches. This can help coaches to expand their toolbox and be more versatile in their practice. Furthermore, it can help coaches to identify patterns in their work and to explore the underlying issues that may be preventing a client from achieving their goals.

In group supervision, coaches also have the opportunity to hear different perspectives on the same case. This can be beneficial for exploring different options for the client and for identifying different ways of working with clients. Furthermore, it can help to avoid the blind spot that coaches may have when working with clients individually.

Group supervision also allows for more efficient use of time and resources. Instead of having multiple individual supervision sessions, coaches can come together for one group session and still receive the support and guidance they need.

Additionally, group supervision can also provide a safe space for coaches to process and explore their own emotions related to their work. It is an opportunity for coaches to explore their own emotions and to learn how to manage them effectively. Furthermore, it can help coaches to develop their emotional intelligence, which is crucial for being an effective coach.

It's important to note that group supervision should be led by a qualified and experienced supervisor who can provide guidance and support to the group, as well as ensure that ethical standards are being upheld.

The School of Coaching Psychology offers monthly drop in group supervision sessions with Dr Marie Stopforth. Marie is a BPS Chartered Coaching Psychologist who is on the BPS register of applied psychology practice supervisors. Find out more here:

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