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Who We Are

Welcome to the Coaching Psychology Network.  Our aim is to create a vibrant and dynamic community of practice for psychologically informed coaches, dedicated to fostering collaborative, continuous learning and mutual growth.  This is encapsulated in our tagline 'Work together, learn together, grow together'.

Whether you are an established practitioner seeking to deepen your understanding of coaching psychology, a budding enthusiast eager to explore the nuances of this dynamic field, or a thought leader seeking to support other coaching psychologists and influence and lead the advancement of the field, the Coaching Psychology Network is designed to be a supportive and enriching environment for all. 

We recognise the immense value that comes from collective wisdom and shared experiences. The Coaching Psychology Network is not just a community; it is a hub where those interested in coaching psychology come together to elevate their practice, contribute to our understanding of contemporary practice and research, and build enduring connections within the community.

Our network aims to offer a supportive environment where expertise is exchanged, ideas flourish, and connections thrive.  We'd love you to join us as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of coaching psychology, foster connections, ignite inspiration, and seek opportunities to collaborate on research and practice.   

Creative Office

Membership categories

Work together, learn together, grow together

Member (from £13.50)

As a member of the Coaching Psychology network, you will join a community of coaches who share a passion for psychologically informed coaching.


Our mission is to keep you up-to-date with the latest research and practice, and connect with other practitioners who share your interests through our special interest discussion groups and community networking events.


You can also collaborate with other coaches interested in coaching psychology research by engaging with our research hub. 

We ask members (and fellows) to commit to reciprocity.  Members are both learners and teachers, regardless of their experience, and so we ask you to be brave and generous in your sharing of expertise and insights, for the benefit of all.

Fellow (from £55 per month)

As a Fellow of the Coaching Psychology Network, you'll enjoy all of the same benefits as members.  In addition, you'll have the opportunity and platform to demonstrate or further your leadership and influence in the field of coaching psychology.

You'll be invited to spotlight your expertise by giving an inaugural talk on a topic of your choice.  You'll feature in our public Fellows directory, be invited to write for our blog or lead webinars or special interest group discussion, and be invited to our exclusive Fellows thought leadership monthly meetings.

You may also have the opportunity to offer paid group supervision or propose and deliver workshops through the network.

Corporate Membership

Would you like your team of coaches to have access to all of our member benefits?

Corporate membership will help your coaches to develop in terms of their knowledge, skills and confidence.

You can look after their continuing professional development needs for the year, and access discounted group supervision.

For more information email

Our rhythm...


Motivation Monday

Every Monday morning:

Come and join us to share what you're working on and what your key goals are for the week.  You'll also be expected to attend Feedback Friday (see below), where the group will act as your accountability partners.

Wednesday writing room

Every Wednesday morning:

Make an appointment with yourself to do some focused work in the silent company of others.  We'll spend a few minutes at the start to say hello and share what we're working on, and then get down to work!

Webinar Wednesday

Every other Wednesday, join us for a webinar on an area of coaching psychology.  The webinars will focus on the application of psychological knowledge to coaching.  These sessions will be recorded in case you can't make it

Feedback Friday

Every Friday afternoon:

If you attended Motivation Monday, you'll also attend Feedback Friday to check back in, update the group and celebrate your successes!


We hope to offer weekly group supervision sessions at a discounted price.  The availability of these sessions will depend on supervisors who can deliver these sessions


Paper/book club

Each month, we'll choose a book or research paper to read, and then come together in small groups to discuss and debate

Special interest discussion groups

We hope that some special interest discussion groups will be proposed and hosted by Members and Fellows.   We will be looking for people to suggest groups where likeminded coaches can come together to share and discuss experiences, challenges and best practice, and to support each other.

Research hub

Monthly research hub meetings will be an opportunity for those interested in doing research together to connect, collaborate and find writing partners.  Members will have an opportunity to share their work with others, and get support and feedback on their work.

Monthly networking event

We'll have 15 minutes networking in break out rooms, and then a volunteer will speak briefly about their work or area of interest and invite questions/discussion

Fellows' thought leadership meeting

Every month, our fellows will be invited to an exclusive thought leadership meeting where we will and discuss the future of coaching psychology, and how to strategically support and develop the profession.

Coaching psychology practice groups

Come and practice your coaching psychology skills with your peers.  This is an opportunity to try out new skills, tools and techniques in a safe environment with the benefit of being able to get useful feedback from a peer.  Come prepared to be coached, as well as to coach!

Our resources...

We will build out our resources as we grow.  These will include:

  • Coaching psychology updates 

  • Workshops/learning resources in research skills

  • Evidence based coaching psychology tools and techniques

  • Summary of relevant journals and research updates so that you can keep up to date

  • Members directory where you can find and connect with other members

  • Discussion forums to ask questions and share ideas, resources, and generally support each other

  • 'How to' guides

  • Blogs on various coaching psychology topics

  • Access to CPD courses and workshops (additional cost)

  • Signposting to external resources

  • Support and guidance on developing your coaching or research skills

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